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And the SMD Prize Winner Is...

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OneTeam had a great time visiting with clients and friends at the 2021 SMD Symposium Aug 10-12 in Huntsville, Alabama. Visitors to our booth were invited to register for a drawing to win a LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model.

We had a lot of entries, and the winner is…

...Marcus Jefferson of Huntsville, AL!

Marcus Jefferson SMD Winner a


Marcus won the 2300+ piece model with the box was signed by Huntsville's own 3-time NASA Astronaut, Dr. Jan Davis. He also received a signed photo of Jan, who flew three shuttle missions - STS-47, STS-60, and STS-80 – with 2 of those missions flown on Discovery.

Marcus works as a Jr. Cyber Security Engineer at Brockwell Technologies. He is also a student at UAH and will graduate in 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, with a Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Concentration.

Marcus already has several CompTIA certifications, several of which he earned before graduating high school in 2018. Marcus graduated from Huntsville’s New Century Technology High School with a concentration in Computer Science.

Congratulations, Marcus!

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