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OneTeam Software Release - August 2023

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OneTeam users will notice a few new changes beginning August 18, 2023. We released updates and new features to give our clients additional capabilities for our full lifecycle of pipeline, qualification, capture, and proposal functions in OneTeam.

User Sign-In

OneTeam updated the sign-in experience to support NIST log-in requirements. This supports our clients who are moving toward Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). 

Users on Microsoft GCC High still have the ability to sign-in using GCC High. Contact OneTeam Support if you want to discuss this option for your company.


Session Lock

We implemented an automatic session lock that will begin after 30 minutes of inactivity. Users will see a pop-up window with a countdown clock. The session lock also supports NIST requirements and brings the OneTeam platform into compliance with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) responsibility requirements.


Data Calls

OneTeam will now limit Data Call notification emails to users who are listed on the opportunity Contacts tab and have the 'Receive Communication' box selected. This should reduce the emails team members will receive.


GovWin Imports

OneTeam Company Administrators can now have more insight into their GovWin imports in the Company Settings. In the Services Tab of Company Settings, select the GovWin sub-tab to view the 'Last Import Report'. This will open a new window and show what opportunities and documents were downloaded on the last GovWin import.

OneTeam connects with GovWin at least once an hour to download a company's newly marked opportunities and to check for updates to already downloaded opportunities. 

Occasionally, GovWin has an error in a document or link or does not complete the download/update process. Previously, the GovWin Connection Status showed the last 'successful import' date/time meaning the last time 100% of documents and opportunities were successfully completed. If there was an error on a document or specific opportunity, the last import date did not update, even though most opportunities were updated - except the error opportunity.

Now Company Administrators will be able to easily see if there was an error on an update, and which document or opportunity was not fully updated.


Other OneTeam Updates

We also fixed a few bugs and made minor improvements. The release notes can be found by selecting Support, Release Notes, August 2023.

If you need assistance with any feature in the April release, feel free to reach out to OneTeam support. If your team would like additional training or would like to explore how to fully integrate OneTeam into your company BD processes, contact Donna Hamby

We are excited to continuously improve OneTeam with recommendations from our user base! As always, our goal is to help you Win More Business!


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OneTeam Software Release - August 2023

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