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Customer Success Story - CFD Research

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OneTeam can transform your Business Development process and help you get work done faster with fewer resources. Discover how CFD Research Corporation moved from a spreadsheet-based system to OneTeam's integrated Pipeline, Capture, and Proposal management software platform to support their growing business.

CFD has used OneTeam to support their business development, pipeline, capture, and proposal processes and integrated OneTeam data with their financial systems for better revenue projections, budgeting, and reporting. 

For this video, we interviewed
Sameer Singhal, President & CEO
Peggy Sargent, Chief Financial Officer
Justin Scharber, Director of Aerospace Application
Keith Sedberry, Director
Video Transcript

Sameer Singhal:  My name is Sameer Singhal, and I'm the President and CEO here at CFD Research. One of the features we really like in OneTeam is the Qualification Matrix. You are actually able to customize the questions and you can grade the opportunity on a somewhat impartial scale.

  • What's the score?

  • How well is this opportunity fit with our core business?

  • How well do we know the customer questions like that?

Then we can grade the opportunity. Again, you can save a snapshot in time and see how your grade changes with time. One of my simple rules is if the score is not going up over time, then maybe we should stop and move on to a different opportunity. Instead of just relying on gut feel of what's in your head, it [OneTeam] allows you to put down those scores on paper and really impartially judge one opportunity versus another opportunity.


Justin Scharber:  OneTeam is a great tool that we use not just for business capture, but really to get a good situational awareness of everything across the board within our company. We use it within our executive suite all the way through our finance, our contracts.

They all use it together collaboratively. Our finance can go in and understand what opportunities we're going to be coming forth in the future.

Our contracts can also go in and review these opportunities are coming up. They get a good pulse for when they need to start developing subcontracts, reaching out to some of our industry partners to share that information. OneTeam is a great collaboration tool all the way across the company.


Peggy Sargent:  Since I became aware we had OneTeam at CFD, I've realized that we could streamline a lot of our manual processes, at least from the business side of things. I think we have to be willing to think outside the box and be willing to stop saying, but we've always done it this way and say, we now have OneTeam.

Now that budgeting process that took a month or two can take a week.


Keith Sedberry:  OneTeam gives us the ability to project our revenue by giving us just a whole bunch of knobs to turn. We put all the information in there. We can kind of tweak those as we see what that opportunity might look like success rate, P-Win rate, what we might need to invest resource wise to capture that. How does that affect our life?

There's a whole lot of information there that just really helps us for this reality to numbers that can sometimes be hard to do in our world.


Justin Scharber:  Before we started using OneTeam, our business development tracking was basically an Excel spreadsheet or information pass through email. OneTeam has enabled us to bring all of our information together in one central location. And from there, we're able to really track all the opportunities across the company.

I'm able to go in real-time and for any of my information track and present new opportunities and bring all of that information together, so that everyone has access to it - at one time.


Sameer Singhal:  At CFD Research, we really take pride in developing high tech solutions for government agencies. We work with all branches of the government, including Department of Defense, National Institute of Health, and Department of Energy.

One of the big challenges is how do you keep up with all the opportunities that are out there. Then how do you make sure that you're prioritizing and making progress on those opportunities and OneTeam has really been key in that.

CFD Research has been able to get more done in less time. Download OneTeam's eBook Get More From 24 Hours in a Day and Win More Government Contracts, which contains the entire series with additional bonus content and tutorials. Download your free copy of the eBook.

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OneTeam is a complete, secure, cloud-based collaboration platform for GovCons to track, qualify, capture, propose and win more contracts with fewer resources by streamlining and automating processes. OneTeam was designed and developed by a federal government contractor to address the lack of resources and time, as well as the pain associated with winning government contracts.


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