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Don't Let Your Capture Plan Knowledge Walk Out the Door

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As employees retire or change jobs, how can you retain the capture plan and capture knowledge or corporate memory that often leaves with them? As a government contractor (GovCon), you have invested time and money to ensure your Business Development employees gather a treasure trove of contacts, meeting notes, strategies, customer insights, and competitor knowledge, all in hopes of expanding your business.

But have you invested in documenting this information so it can be transferred to the rest of your organization? How do you know where to start?

Dont let Capture Knowledge walk out the door 600

Gather & Consolidate Information into a Knowledge Base

Your first step is to create a Capture Plan and document your capture knowledge – and that means transcribing information from your employees’ heads to a centralized secure platform. OneTeam is different from other proposal management software as it is a cloud-based centralized platform to organize, track, and manage your entire business development pipeline. One other aspect of OneTeam is the ability to function as a knowledge base that integrates your data with the BD lifecycle.

OneTeam provides the structure to gather and document information from multiple sources, including emails, meetings, phone calls, and hard copy files. Your capture team can use OneTeam’s ‘Notes’ form for quick documentation of a customer phone call or meeting; ‘BD Documents’ to catalogue industry day documents, presentations, and files of all formats; and the ‘Competitor’ Tab to collect and analyze the government contracting competition.

OneTeam expands data collection on potential opportunities and teaming partners with integration of GovWin import and extensive search capabilities of SAM and FPDS for federal contracts awarded. You spend less time inputting data and more time using that data. OneTeam integrates with your best practices as current and new employees search for government contracts and save valuable information into a centralized location to support government bids.


Organize Knowledge Quickly

OneTeam makes it easy to quickly organize knowledge from your employees, link it to the data from GovWin and other sources, and then categorize it so it can be searched, accessed, and most importantly, implemented in your strategy of how to win government contracts. One Team organizes your BD data by Opportunity with an assigned Primary Contact. Many features of OneTeam can be customized, such as process naming convention, opportunity pipeline views, and company specific templates, so your data is formatted, uses terminology, and is aligned to your BD process.

Organizing data by Opportunity benefits your entire team – not only is it easy to find and categorize, but if an opportunity needs to be re-assigned, you instantly remove access from one person and assign it to another and maintain all linked opportunity information. Your company’s information is no longer employee specific and kept on hand-written notes and personal contact lists – it is organized so that anytime in the future, those with access can review an opportunity and make use of the data.

When a proposal is submitted or an opportunity is no-bid, you simply change the internal status to remove it from your active pipeline. The opportunity record and corresponding documentation is maintained in your OneTeam knowledge base and is available for you to review and use in the future.


Leverage Knowledge to Help your Company Succeed

After your team gathers, documents, and organizes information, OneTeam is the hub for each opportunity in your pipeline. As you transition from Capture Management to Proposal Development, the Capture Manager and Proposal Manager collaborate to ensure the capture strategies, documented in OneTeam, are translated into features, benefits, innovations, and strengths in your final proposal. Your opportunities live and grow from initial identification to proposal submittal as your employees add their knowledge to strengthen your bid position.

OneTeam can help you capture, organize, and leverage your corporate knowledge while streamlining your BD processes, including ensuring you protect your capture information.


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