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Dashing Thru the Halls - A Happy Holiday Song for Every GovCon BD Team

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If you are a Government Contractor and work in Business Development, you have most likely spent December and early January responding to an RFP. For all of the Proposal Managers, Capture Managers, and the rest of the BD Team - we know what that is like.

The RFP drops, then the contracting office is out for 3 or more weeks on their 'use it or lose it leave.' You are left to wrangle the team to get a winning proposal pulled together while your own team is busy with Christmas recitals, holiday shopping, and end of year activities.

Our gift to you this holiday season is this song. Please share with your BD friends, teammates, and competitors! May you have time this holiday season to spend with those you love, and still get that proposal in on time!

Happy Holidays from OneTeam and we truly hope you Win the Contract!

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