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Customer Success Story - IronMountain Solutions

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The IronMountain Solutions BD team has used OneTeam  to transform their Business Development process. They effectively use our cloud-native Platform with the Analytics Power BI module to understand where their opportunities stand.

For this video, we interviewed:

  • Michael Busbey, Vice President of Business Development
  • Olivia Driggs, Business Development Coordinator
  • Tanner Finley, Business Development Lead

Michael Busbey: The people at One Team have been critical in the success of Iron Mountain Solutions. Prior to One Team, the different capture managers would bring their Excel spreadsheets into the meeting, and sometimes it would be a surprise to BD on what they're briefing.

Now with One Team, we pull it up in a live environment. If something had changed since we had printed the charts, before One Team it threw everything into a circle, into chaos almost. But now it's live.

You can go in that morning and update the schedule or the value or the teaming agreement status.


Olivia Driggs: One Team makes my day a lot easier because I feel like I always have an answer. Any time someone comes to me with a status question based on a specific opportunity, it's very easy for me to hop right into One Team, go to that specific opportunity, and I can give an update.

It's just a very easy place to make sure that I'm tracking the right information.


Tanner Finley: At Iron Mountain Solutions, we have a BDIPT meeting every two weeks where we get key decision makers and vice presidents in the same room.

And then we like to brief our top ten efforts. The analytics capability that One Team now offers has helped our BD team and IronMountain tremendously. It's so easy to use.

The interface allows such an ease in making these charts the way that we want to see them and hitting on those important points that executive leadership likes to see in these strategy meetings.


Olivia Driggs: One Team helps Iron Mountain manage the opportunity cradle to grave, because we're able to see looking at our dashboard and each specific opportunity with all the information that we have in one spot, whether that's on the factored company revenue or if we have a relationship with the current customer that's listed on there.

It's really easy to make a decision based on that information that's available to us.


Michael Busbey: As far as everyone being on the same page and the most recent information, you've got it at your fingertips.


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