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New OneTeam Features - August 2021

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OneTeam users will see a new look to the website and the OneTeam application beginning August 9, 2021. We have updated the colors to include more blue tones with our OneTeam gold. The graphic below shows the old colors and new colors side by side.

Internal Status Field is Now Called Stage

The field name for 'Internal Status' has revised in preparation for upcoming new features (more about those in the coming months!). The field is now called 'Stage'.  Users will still select the appropriate Stage in the detail tab of each opportunity.

The previous internal status settings remain the same, and are visible in the pull-down list on each opportunity. Each company determines the naming convention for the stages to align with their BD process. When creating an Opportunity view, Stage has replaced Internal Status in the column listing.


OneTeam Word Add-In

We made a few improvements in the OneTeam custom Word add-in to make automatic generation of the Table of Contents (TOC) features easier. The TOC can easily be updated in proposal volume drafts, that are created from the combined writer packages. Our Word add-in leverages Word's styles functionality for documents.

We also fixed a few bugs and made minor improvements. The release notes can be found by selecting Support, Release Notes, August 9, 2021.


If you need assistance with an feature in the August release feel free to reach out to OneTeam support. If your team would like additional training or would like to explore how to fully integrate OneTeam into your company BD processes, contact Donna Hamby

We are excited to continuously improve OneTeam with recommendations from our user base! As always our goal is to help you Win More Business!

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