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Do You Need to Adopt a Successful Capture Management Strategy?

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Where do you fall on the capture management spectrum – have you been a capture manager for years or is this your first solo capture? Do you have well documented proven capture processes to train new employees, or is your company’s process left up to individual capture managers? Do you have a document repository with capture templates or do you search past opportunities trying to find a blueprint for what to do and where to start?

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Wherever you are on the capture spectrum, you can implement successful capture strategies to improve your win rate. Here are several capture strategies to adopt for your next opportunity: 

  • Develop a Capture Strategy Plan 
  • Determine how to review, share, and update your capture strategies, whether it is through a web-based tool, PowerPoint presentations, or emails 
  • Gain senior management approval and support 
  • Assemble the right team for each specific bid 
  • Assign tasks that are specific, with measurable objectives, by name, and with a due date 
  • Establish regular decision or gate reviews to determine pursuit decisions 
  • Get to know your customer – even if it is virtually
  • Conduct a capture strategy workshop to brainstorm with your team and subject matter experts about customer issues and map them to your solutions with features and benefits
  • Develop opportunity and customer specific strategies 
  • Refine your capture strategies as the bid matures 
  • Work with the proposal manager to ensure your capture strategies are at the center of the final proposal 

OneTeam supports your capture process beginning with opportunity pipeline management, opportunity qualification, capture strategy development, team communications, task assignment, to proposal development and submission. OneTeam can help you determine how to respond to a government RFP using capture processes, including: 

  • Maintain entire BD pipeline for all divisions of your company  
  • Create customizable reports to view opportunities in various stages of the BD process, with anticipated company revenue by year to facilitate short-term and long-term planning  
  • Support BD meetings and present pipeline graphics and data by acquisition status, RFP window, phase or gate, or expected revenue  
  • Automatically import and update opportunities with your GovWin subscription  
  • Receive notifications when GovWin updates an opportunity in your pipeline  
  • Document customer requirements and objectives in opportunity centered database
  • Develop preliminary solutions and make revisions as opportunity matures 
  • Research teaming partners and invite companies to join your team  
  • Streamline NDA completion with auto workflows 
  • Automate teaming agreement execution using workflows and a data call status dashboard 
  • Develop a dynamic customizable capability matrix of potential team members 
  • Qualify opportunities with customizable weighted questions for gate reviews to determine strategic fit, customer relationship, past performance, and competitive landscape  
  • Research and assess the competition
  • Manage data access to capture strategies in accordance with CMMC 
  • Assign and review tasks  
  • Create a capture schedule  
  • Integrate proposal manager into capture team  
  • Create a document library for reference

To win government contracts you must develop successful capture strategies and implement them into a compelling proposal. Download 5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Proposal Win Rate to learn how to develop winning proposals in less time.

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