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How GovCons Easily Save Time with Proposal Automation

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OneTeam is not simply another CRM tool that can be used for Business Development,  OneTeam was specifically designed for federal government contractors (GovCons) and their unique BD process.

OneTeam was envisioned and created by a federal government contractor to dramatically improve proposing and winning contracts bids by providing an integrated, affordable, cloud-based software platform. OneTeam answers the question – ‘What kind of tool do GovCons really need?’

  1. Logical and easy to use for technical and non-technical people.

  2. Integrate processes and people across the entire BD lifecycle

  3. Reduce manual tasks.

  4. Designed and built in the cloud to leverage the latest cloud technology.

  5. Scalable and expandable based on client needs.

  6. Provide structure to build BD processes and the flexibility to fit existing processes.

  7. Affordable for first time prime contractors.

  8. A solution that works both for small pieces of information and intelligence and for storing hundreds of related bid documents.

What evolved from these answers is a complete, secure, collaboration platform for the GovCon BD Team to use throughout the entire BD lifecycle.

OneTeam supports opportunity identification, qualification, and capture, including the tasks, activities, decisions, and reviews. It maintains all of the opportunity specific data with the assigned opportunity. OneTeam performs many functions during these pre-proposal phases of the BD Lifecycle, including supporting Pipeline Management and Capture Management.

This blog series will focus on how the OneTeam software supports the Proposal activities during the proposal Planning and Proposal Development phases. Proposal Managers have many tasks to complete during the Proposal Phase and often rely on shared drives, libraries, email, checklists, matrices, templates, and other tools to assist them in completing their tasks.

OneTeam applies automation and collaboration to existing proposal processes to streamline and reduces manual tasks. This is a partial list of Proposal Phase activities and top-level features of OneTeam that integrate with current BD processes.

    • Secure Document Libraries

    • Integrated Proposal Schedule

    • Proposal Outline

    • Compliance Matrix

    • Capture Strategy Integration

    • Integrated Team Emails

    • Automatic Notifications

    • Automated Data Calls workflow

    • Microsoft 365 Integration

    • Auto-Generated Word Writer Packages

    • Real-Time Writer Status

    • Collaborative Color Team Reviews

    • Secure Team Collaboration

OneTeam is cloud-based, so it is easily accessible to the entire BD Team. Since OneTeam automates proposal tasks, so Proposal Managers can

    • Automate manual proposal processes, workflows, and tasks to increase productivity, reduce errors, maintain document security, and provide real-time status.

    • Organize data in an opportunity-centric database to allow Proposal Managers to focus on developing compelling content for winning bids.

    • Maintain the proposal schedule and keep the entire team on track.

    • Focus on developing and validating content, rather than performing manual administrative tasks.

    • Easily access information, complete tasks, share data, and collaborate during writing and color team reviews.

OneTeam is continuously improving to better meet clients’ needs and to automate more processes. This post is an introduction to a 10-part series How GovCons Easily Save Time with OneTeam Proposal Automation. This series is based on the eBook GovCons Save Time with Proposal Automationwhich contains the entire series with additional bonus content and best practices. To learn more about OneTeam Proposal Features, download our free eBook.

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